Blue Nose Pitbull Puppy: A Guide for You

Blue Nose Pitbull Puppy A Guide for You

Do you want a pit bull puppy with a blue nose? Regarding this breed of pitbull, you might have some inquiries. You might also be interested in learning how to care for one. We will provide some information on blue nose pitbull puppy in this article. We will also provide you with some care instructions.

What is a blue nose pitbull?

A blue nose pitbull is a kind of American pit bull terrier. They look like other pit bulls, but they have a bluish-gray coat and nose. The blue color comes from a gene that changes the color of their skin.

Pit bulls with blue noses are medium-sized dogs. They can range in height from 18 to 21 inches and weight from 30 to 60 pounds. They are easy to groom and have a short, stiff, shiny coat that does not shed much. Their bodies are also broad and strong, with short noses and wide faces.

What is the history of the blue nose pitbull?

The blue nose pitbull has a long history. It started in England in the 1800s. People bred bulldogs and English terriers together to make the pit bull breed. These dogs were used for hunting and fighting. They were strong and brave.

When pit bulls came to America, they got a new name: American pitbull terriers. They were used for farm work and as pets. They were also good at guarding and protecting people. But some people did not like them because they thought they were mean and dangerous.

The blue-nose pitbull is a rare kind of pitbull that some breeders made on purpose. They wanted to make dogs with a special color. But this also caused some health problems for some blue nose pit bulls, which we will talk about later.

What is the personality of the blue nose pitbull?

Contrary to popular belief, blue-nosed pit bulls are not vicious or frightening animals. Pit bulls with blue noses make loving, entertaining, and devoted pets. They are extremely intelligent and genuinely care about their owners. Training them is simple. Additionally, they are very active and require a lot of play and exercise.

Blue nose pit bulls are not mean or violent by nature, but they do have a strong instinct to chase and protect things. This means that they need to learn how to behave around other animals and people. They also need owners who are firm and fair with them. They do not like being bossed around or hurt.

If given the proper care and attention, blue-nose pitbulls can make wonderful family pets. They can be children’s closest friends because they are so kind and patient with them. However, they should always be on the lookout for young children as they might play too rough or unintentionally knock them over.

What are some health problems of the blue nose pitbull?

Typically healthy dogs, blue nose pit bulls have a lifespan of up to 15 years. However, they may experience some health issues linked to their breed or color gene. Some of these are:

Skin allergies: 

The blue color gene can make the skin more sensitive to things that can irritate or infect it. Blue nose pitbull may have itching, redness, hair loss, or sores on their skin.

Hip dysplasia: 

This is a problem where the hip joint does not fit well in the socket, causing pain and trouble moving. It is common in big and heavy breeds like pit bulls.

Heart disease: 

Pitbulls may have heart problems such as weak muscles or bad valves that can affect their blood flow and breathing.


The eye’s lens becomes cloudy in this situation, making vision difficult. Any dog can experience it, but blue-eyed dogs, such as some pit bulls with blue noses, are more likely to do so.

Your blue nose pitbull should receive regular checkups from the vet, vaccinations, and good nutrition to help prevent or treat these health issues. Additionally, you should refrain from breeding your dog frequently or with close relatives as this may increase the likelihood of undesirable genes.

How do you look after a blue nose pitbull puppy?

If you want to get a blue-nose pitbull puppy, you need to be ready for the work of raising them well. Here are some tips on how to look after your new furry friend:

Pick a good breeder: 

You should research the breeder before purchasing a puppy from them to ensure that you get a healthy and good puppy. You should request the documents that detail your puppy’s family and medical history. Visit the location where the breeder keeps the dogs and meet the parents of your puppy there as well.

Train them well: 

You should begin training your puppy to sit, stay, and go potty as soon as you bring them home. To encourage good behavior, use complimentary language, treats, and toys. Additionally, refrain from yelling at or hitting your puppy because these actions might frighten or enrage them.

Exercise them enough: 

Blue nose pit bulls are very active dogs that need at least an hour of exercise every day. You should do different things with them like walking, running, playing fetch or tug-of-war. You should also give them things to think about like puzzles or games.

Feed them well: 

Blue-nose pit bulls require wholesome food that satisfies their needs. You should choose a dog food that is appropriate for your dog’s age, size, and level of activity. You should also avoid giving them people food or scraps from the table, as this can make them fat or sick.

Groom them often:

Blue nose pitbulls have a low-maintenance coat that only needs brushing once or twice a week. You should also cut their nails every few weeks, clean their ears every week, and brush their teeth every day. Only bathe them when necessary because frequent bathing can dry out their skin.

Love them always: 

Pit bulls with blue noses are devoted, loving dogs who crave human contact. Playing, cuddling, and conversing with your puppy should take up some of your daily time. You should also give them a comfy bed, toys, and water all the time.

The End

Pit bulls with blue noses are gorgeous dogs that get along well with anyone who can give them good care. They behave and feel the same as other pit bulls, but they do have some unique health problems that require attention. 

If you want to get a blue-nose pitbull puppy, you should learn about the breeders and be ready for the work of raising them. With love and respect, your blue-nose pitbull will be your best friend for life.

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